Adoption in Illinois

Adoption is an amazing way to start or grow a family. It’s a journey, and people come to it from many different backgrounds. You may already have children, or you may be hoping for your first. Adoption could be a calling for you, or it could be a response to a hard struggle with infertility. Perhaps you are seeking to make a stepparent-stepchild relationship legally official, or need to provide care to a loved one through adult adoption.

Whatever the case may be, we can help you turn your dreams of adopting a child into a reality. Gillespie Law Group, LLC has been practicing law for adoption in Illinois for more than two decades because we believe in the importance of family. We were previously known as Genie Miller Gillespie, Attorney at Law. While the name of our practice has changed to reflect a broader range of legal service, our commitment to creating families is as strong as ever. Our goal is to encourage and support your family as we guide you to a successful Illinois adoption. Want to hear more about how we can help you? Please don’t hesitate to reach out.

There are some things you should know if you are just beginning to consider adoption in Illinois. While you’re not required to be an expert on the process, it does help to understand what you’re getting into, and what kind of help will be available to you.

Every adoption process is unique. You bring your own set of circumstances to the table, as do the prospective birth mother and the child. Guiding you through the unique ups and downs is a part of what we do. What you can do today is learn about the steps of the adoption process and the people who can help along the way.

Here’s what you need to know about adoption in Illinois.

The Illinois Adoption Process

Each adoption process is unique. The way your adoption in Illinois goes will depend on so many factors, things like the type of adoption, adoption professional, birth mother match, and more.

Generally speaking, here’s how to adopt a newborn child in Illinois:

  1. Choose a type of adoption
  2. Pick an adoption professional
  3. Complete the home study for adoption
  4. Wait for a match from either a) being chosen by a birth mother or b) being placed with a child through foster care or international adoption
  5. Prepare for placement
  6. Be placed with your child
  7. Complete post-placement requirements
  8. Finalize the adoption

If you are adopting a stepchild, this process is a bit different, as several steps are unnecessary. The same could apply to adult adoptions and legal guardianships. The adoption of a newborn is often more legally complicated than these other types of adoption, although all require the assistance of an adoption attorney. We are happy to serve families in many different types of adoption, because we believe there are many beautiful ways to form a family.

There are nuances within each step of this process, with enough details to dedicate a full article to every part of the process. Making it through while adhering to all laws, rules and requirements can be difficult, which is why you should work with an attorney for your adoption in Illinois.

Types of Adoption in Illinois

As we mentioned, the type of adoption you choose will have a major effect on your Illinois adoption process. Anyone considering adoption in Illinois should carefully consider the pros and cons for each type of adoption. What’s best for one family will be different than what’s best for another.

If you are hoping to adopt a child in Illinois, the primary types of adoption are:

  • Domestic infant adoption (also known as agency-assisted adoption)
  • Interstate adoption (a form of agency adoption that happens when the adoption goes across state lines)
  • International adoption

Each type of adoption has required legal steps. With more than 25 years of experience across all types of adoption, we can help you complete your process for any type of adoption in Illinois.

Adoption Agencies in Illinois

This process requires professional assistance. Depending on the type of adoption you choose, one of those professionals will be an adoption agency. Agencies can do a variety of things for families in an Illinois adoption. They can provide matching services, counseling, home study assistance and facilitated communication between you and the prospective birth mother.

There are local and national agencies, with each kind of agency presenting unique benefits depending on your situation. Choosing a good, trustworthy agency can lower your wait time and your risk of experiencing an adoption disruption.

Adoption Attorneys in Illinois

The other professional that you will need to work with for your adoption in Illinois is an adoption attorney, like us. Each state has its own unique adoption laws, and it’s important that your process adheres to all of these laws. We’ve been serving hopeful adoptive families for more than 25 years. In that time, we have become experts in adoption law, with a wealth of experience you’re not likely to find anywhere else.

Unlike large law firms, you won’t feel neglected here. Each of our families receives dedicated time and attention. Our goal is to support you because we believe in adoption.

Not only do we possess the knowledge of Illinois adoption law to guide you to a successful adoption, we also have established relationships with the best adoption agencies and local adoption courts. All of this works for your benefit.

We represent your best interests during the adoption process to ensure the law is properly followed and you are fully prepared for a successful adoption placement.

Finalizing an Adoption in Illinois

Adoption finalization occurs after a child has been placed with a family. During this last, important step in the adoption process, you will work closely with an adoption attorney. There are many documents to be filed as well as post-placement visits with a social worker to be completed.

Once all the necessary steps for finalization have been taken (this usually takes around six months), the next step is a court-issued judgement that finalizes that adoption. When this happens, you will be granted a final decree of adoption, which officially completes your adoption in Illinois.

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There’s a lot to learn about adoption in Illinois, and now you know the fundamental facts of the process. As you can see, one of the most important things you can do is work with a good adoption agency and adoption attorney. The professionals you choose will have a hand in nearly every step of the process, and working with the right people is a determining factor for a successful adoption.

We would be honored to apply our experience to your adoption process. Our goal is to help you create a family. We’ll always support you. To learn more about our services, or ask questions about your specific situation, give us a call today at 312-332-6339. We can schedule a free consultation at any time.

Adoption in Illinois may be one of the best things you’ll ever do. Let’s work together to fulfill your dreams of becoming a parent.