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Placing a Baby for Adoption

Choosing adoption for your baby is one of the most difficult decisions a woman will ever make.

We know how hard this must be. You want what is best for your baby and what is best for your life. Whatever choice you make, it’s motivated by love.

You deserve to be fully supported during this incredibly challenging time. We believe that you are doing what you believe is best. That’s why we are so passionate about adoption, and about making sure you feel encouraged, empowered and equipped during this process.

At Gillespie Law Group, LLC we’ve been working with the adoption process for more than 25 years. Formerly known as Genie Miller Gillespie, Attorney at Law, we are proud to provide important services to anyone pursuing adoption. Contact us today to learn how we might be able to help you.

If you’re just beginning to look into your unplanned pregnancy options, a better understanding of what adoption is and how it works will be helpful. The more you understand about placing a child for adoption, the more informed your decision will be.

That’s why we’ve created this guide — to help women like you who are trying to make a very hard choice. In this article, you’ll learn how adoption works, how adoption agencies can help you and why an adoption attorney is a vital part of the process.

The Adoption Process — Placing a Child for Adoption in Illinois

Every adoption process is unique. The details of your process — things like where you give birth, the emotions you feel and the relationship you have with the adoptive family — will all be different from anyone else’s adoption. There are, however, some steps that every woman placing a newborn for adoption will take.

These steps are:

  • Step 1: Choosing an adoption agency
  • Step 2: Creating an adoption plan
  • Step 3: Selecting an adoptive family
  • Step 4: Pre-placement preparation, including communication with the adoptive family in open adoptions, potential adoption financial assistance and more
  • Step 5: Birth and placement at the hospital
  • Step 6: Post-placement healing, which may involve counseling
  • Step 7: Life after placement

There’s plenty to learn about the details of each step. This gives you a general outline of what it takes to place your newborn for adoption in Illinois.

Adoption Agencies — What They Do and Why They Matter

For the first part of your adoption process, your primary guide will be an adoption agency. Agencies provide important services to women who are placing a baby for adoption. To start, you will work with an adoption specialist at the agency to create an adoption plan. While developing this plan, you’ll decide on things like where to give birth, the level of openness you want in your adoption and what qualities you care most about in an adoptive family.

Once this plan is created, your adoption specialist will begin showing you adoptive family profiles. When you choose adoption, you get to choose the family you think will be best for your baby. Depending on the agency you choose, these family profiles could simply be photos and letters, or the profile could include a video from the family. Assisting you in choosing the best adoptive family for your baby is one of the most important services an adoption agency will provide.

Your adoption agency can also assist with things like counseling, coordinating open adoption communication, organizing adoption financial assistance and more.

We also recognize that there are some situations where an expectant mother may consider placing a baby for adoption without the help of an adoption agency. This is called independent adoption. This type of adoption comes with risks, and we always recommend reaching out to an agency. However, we are able to provide legal support in independent adoptions, should that be the direction you feel is best.

Adoption Attorneys — Protecting You During the Process

Your adoption agency will get your process started and play a vital role from start to finish. The other adoption professional who you will rely on is your adoption attorney.

First off, don’t get scared. We know that the word “attorney” causes people to see dollar signs. But in nearly every case, adoption will be completely free to you. Our costs are wrapped up in the adoption financial assistance provided to you when you are placing a baby for adoption.

Adoption is a process with many laws and regulations. As a woman placing a baby for adoption, these laws exist to protect you and ensure that the whole process is in the best interests of the child. Our job is to ensure the process goes according to plan, following all laws and required regulations.

Attorneys are in your corner during the adoption process. We want you to feel protected, supported and encouraged. You’re doing something very brave. We’re not only fulfilling our obligations by supporting you legally, but also cheering you on through this life-changing experience.

In more than 25 years of adoption service, we have seen all kinds of complicated situations. Whatever your circumstances, we can help you navigate the legalities of placing a newborn for adoption in Illinois. Additionally, we have connections with all of the best adoption agencies because of our history. Our established relationships create smooth, clear communication, which can make or break an adoption.

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There’s a lot we can do for you during your adoption process. This is undoubtedly a difficult time in your life, and we believe you deserve the best service possible.

To learn more about adoption, please give us a call today. This call is always free. We can answer any questions you have about the process, connect you with great adoption agencies and figure out ways to support you when you put a baby up for adoption.